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Hey everyone! New here!

Just recently discovered this site looking into getting better mileage for my new hour drive home. A little about me, I'm 26 and live in Charleston, SC. I've always had a thing with cars and started working on my own @ 16 using the auto tech lab at school afterhours. I've done most of the labor to my vehicles being engine swaps to suspension rebuilds or even wiring aside from alignments and tires.

What brings me here is I recently picked up a 96 Civic LX A/T with 246k for $300, she ran okay-ish after sitting for almost a year, just needed a little brake work to get her home. I got it to become my work commuter (52 miles one way) and because unfortunately someone smacked into my 01' Mitsubishi Mirage making me park it before I planned on actually starting it's 4g63 swap lmao. It's already come a long way in the first 2 months and about 5k miles. I use an old phone that stays in the car paired to a Veepeak OBDII dongle to track mileage and many other things. The first tank avg'd a measly 26mpg mixed and not going over 65 plus my drive to work was also only 10mins as this was before my old job offered me more money to come back. The last refill was early but I avg'd 187miles @ 30.6mpg mainly highway driving, half I cruise 60mph then once I get to the interstate I've been doing 80mph recently as I've improved drivability and mileage. I got a decent game plan already started, on my quest to 40+mpg at 80mph. I'm excited to see what I can get outta this thing.


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