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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
@racprops, I doubt that head design would meet US EPA 2020 emissions requirements entirely on its own, but when these cars were sold in Europe and Japan (as late as 2006) they were entirely without a catalytic converter. They also have external EGR, lean out to as little as 24:1 AFR, and pull smoothly with wide open throttle as low as 800rpm (with a 3 cylinder).

I'm getting off into the weeds but the point I'm trying to make is, fuel vaporization is a non-issue for modern engines. That's already been figured out and solved. Honda had 100mpg conventional gasoline cars 20 years ago. It was low hanging fruit but has been picked, and manufacturers are looking elsewhere for gains now.

In the weeds is where I live.

Sorry I have not seen any revised efficiency ratings, the running at 24 AFR will help a lot, as does be a toy car, BUT I bet all that went out the window at WOT as does all our cars, 10 to 12 AFR ratios is not uncommon for WOT.

And I bet that in 2006 they had not discovered what a problem NOX was to become.

I still believe vaporizing can still greatly improve an engines fuel mileage and lower pollution.

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