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Actually, this was also a point of concern and I took a picture of the nylon gear that drives the spedometer.
Taller tires will "cause" the speedo to read slow. There is nothing that you can do about it. This is happening in my vert with 15 inchers.
The driven nylon gear is part of the diff and I really don't think that you could get a seperate one. Though I have seen the smaller part, the one that is driven, in a different color, mine is cream.
This nylon gear combo that drives the speedo are the same in my vert, that came with 13 inch tires originally and Espresso Nero with 12 inch ones. Espresso has the verts tires now but I bought them with respect to the original size with the 12 inches.
The final drive gears do come from a SOHC model with 13 inch tires originally. If I hit 100km at exactly 2500, I'll know that the speedo is correct.
With Vanilla Latte, I read 2600 at 100km, BUT the KM should be 7% more. So it's accurate also.

As for slip, you may be right, I did not have a chance to put Espresso through it's paces correctly yet, just a quick drive on icy roads. Although when I backed up to park it on a slight incline, it did shudder usual.
See you friday ! That's when the XFi cam goes in. My goal: 3,1 liters to the hundred driving at a comfortable pace.
Less IS more !
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