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Iíve had zero luck finding a BSFC map for my engine. Itís pretty small displacement, for the car anyway, and not particularly torque-y (sic). I find that when cruising on the highway between 55-65 it constantly wants to drop a gear to keep the same speed. Super annoying.
So I thought maybe Iím in a bad spot torque-wise on the curve???
FWIW, I have 26.6Ē tall tires, 3.07 rearend gears and the top two trans gears are 0.85 od and 0.67 od.
Itís pretty dam efficient for what it is when I drive it like there an egg under my foot but if I drive it normal it shifts around a LOT. This canít be good for efficiency.
Iím thinking maybe a lower rearend ratio (higher numerically) might get me closer to a sweet spot. How can I run a test to verify prior to changing?
1966 Chevelle w/ 3.6L (217 ci) 4 cam direct injected V6, 6 speed double OD auto trans and 3.07 rear end. 3260 lbs with full tank of gas.
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