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3 cylinder water cooled vs 2 cylinder air cooled thoughts on possible conversion

Hi all,
As a possible project, I've an option to replace a 2 cylinder air cooled motor with a 3 cylinder water cooled motor.

The AC vs WC
652cc vs 989cc
~23hp vs ~57hp
Carb vs MPI

Obviously there's quite a lot of work involved to swap and to throw a slight curveball, the project vehicle is RE/RWD.
Initial swap if done would look to retain the 4spd box currently fitted. (Top speed would be around 80mph gear limited)
With the engine in the back air cooled, this gives an option to basically do anything wanted with aero shaping of the front, currently housing spare wheel and battery and not much else, but they could potentially be relocated. Fuel tank is 'midship'.
Moving to the 3 cylinder would bring the requirement for a radiator and associated piping, hardware and weight.
The rad could potentially be fitted in the rear (issues of airflow not withstanding) but may have to be front mounted to allow enough cooling airflow.

What are peoples thoughts on keeping the AC setup vs moving to the WC option?

All thoughts welcome.

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