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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post

The beam axle is a 'V' where the open part faces the back, so I tucked the Coroplast all the way in, and taped the face of the Coroplast to the outside/bottom leg of the 'V'. So, it stays in without any tape, and the tape just secures it in place. I used Gorilla tape, btw.

The two sides are taped up to the towing loops. And the rear is tucked into the bumper fascia, and taped similarly to the front.

In the winter, I am probably going to have to take it off, because snow/ice/slush/frozen gunk will build up on top of the Coroplast, which would weigh down the car, at the very least -- and it might just rip the whole thing off the car...
Yeah I don't know if I can do what you did, as you can see, the bottom of the xB is a bit different in places.
Also, I don't want the suspension to hit the Coroplast when I take the jack out.
I'm glad we get quite a bit less snow down here.
I'll try to do something though!
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