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The cat-less Prius owner posted it again. There is less ranting, but also significant less information. There isn't anything about most of the car being painted or the dead 12v battery. Unless they bought a used one that is important information!

I didn't realize that the original ad said that it was salvage. There was a lot going on!

"I don’t have any more pictures."

Well, the second ad has different pictures. Here are all four:

They must have done something, the car is in a different spot, and I sure hope they didn't leave it on a street corner!

That is a dirty interior, but I wouldn't expect anything less.

The front bumper doesn't fit right, there are zip ties on the lip. Did someone cut the vertical part of the lower grill?

Does the hood close properly?!

The owner's manual is on the floor. That is a sign of troubleshooting.

Are those cigarette burns on the seats?

The catalytic converter was stolen, so the car is loud, but that is mostly due to the exhaust never reaching the muffler, right, the thieves left the muffler, right?!

I am not saying that it is ever right to replace the cat with a straight pipe, but they don't do emissions testing up here. The seller says that a new CC is $114 on eBay, but a test pipe would be much less than that and you can save your ears while you fix everything else.

"Car runs and drives engine light and Abs light on."

I am not taking an entire day to find out what else is wrong.

As long as the traction battery is currently good, how much is this hot mess worth?
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