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Add stolen cats to the list of Prius dealbreakers. Are $114 catalytic converters adequate? I don't know. It seems doubtful. My $86 Evan Fischer CC seems to be performing within specified parameters after almost two and a half years, but it has the government-mandated 30-month warranty.

It is also out-of-stock everywhere, except eBay for $225.

The $114 eBay cat that I found somehow has a one-year warranty. I cannot really find reviews of it and eBay isn't cooperative. That is a sponsored listing. When I told it to sort by price and shipping it only showed theft-deterring cat shields.

I keep finding theft-deterring cat shields!

I couldn't find any Evan Fischer cats for a Prius. Are they still in business?!

The only name brand that I saw on Amazon was Walker.

They are decent, right?

With tax it would be $310.

There isn't anything significantly cheaper at RockAuto, just slower shipping.

But wait! There's more!

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s not just a converter replacement you’ll need. The rear oxygen sensor lives in the converter and has been stolen along with the converter on every car we’ve seen. As you can see in the converter estimate above, there are also other parts needed, like exhaust hangers, which are frequently cut instead of removed, and exhaust gaskets which are surprisingly expensive.
The same shop modified and welded in an aftermarket CC on a gen 1 Prius, but it failed after 3 years and 53,000 miles. However, this was in California, and they passed a law that you can only use OEM cats.

How much do you think that it would cost for a sensor, hangers, and everything else?

How much does a converter cost?
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