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Plus D.C.!

When I looked around I saw 46-state in one place and 47-state somewhere else, but when I just looked I saw posts from 2009 and 2019 talking about 13 states [and one territory].

So, in 2009 13 states said "I want to be cool like California!" and in 2019 #45 said "You can't make your own decisions!"?

Come on! Do you really expect the Chinese to understand the nuances of the U.S.'s environmental laws?!

The description from your link is a mess, but it says
This is made with U.S.
and Canadian parts. Not China made!
That is exactly what the China would say!

It claims "This will take care of your P0420 check engine light at an affordable price," but mostly seems to say that they will refund your purchase price if you can prove that you still have the original cat on you car, and mail it in.

1. Sounds like a core charge.
2. Clearly a bad Toyota CC is worth more than a new aftermarket one.
3. Even if we are to believe the seller isn't China [squints suspiciously], he should know that it isn't 48-state legal.

I didn't remember that, but I am not selling catalytic converters! I live on one of the other fortythirty-something states!

I cannot find any mention of the warranty or manufacturer, although it is stamped "Fischer." shows an Eastern for $441 that looks like it connects to your exhaust manifold or downpipe, a Magnaflow that is just 2 cats for $463, a Walker for $341, and then a bunch of generic ones that need to be welded in.

All of those say "46-state legal."

Well, it is closer...

The $285 Walker on Amazon says "Not legal for sale or use in California & Colorado. Legal in New York & Maine on EPA Federal Emission Equipped Vehicles only."

Amazon Basics sells jacks and jack stands!

Amazon Basics sells hand tools!

They only have a one-year limited warranty!

Forget Amazon Basics!

RockAuto charges less than $50 more for the one that goes all of the way to the exhaust manifold\downpipe. That sounds much better than trying to make it fit where it was cut off unceremoniously.

This is the cat shield, $160 direct from the manufacturer. They mention that it may make your car more aerodynamic.

Statistical noise!

This is the $114 one, which seems wholly inadequate: Catalytic Converter For 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Toyota Prius 1.5L

Anyway, let's see if I can still make any grad school application deadlines!
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