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Tell me why you use Facebook?

I have friends who live upriver who're the only people I know that watch TV news and believe it all. They let me stack firewood for them, which is my favorite form of light exercise. But they can't talk for five minutes without pushing an anti-Qanon stance, while I avoid the subject and choose my words carefully.

They last conversation started with him saying "Why do you try to provoke me" and degenerated to "Go post your [words?] on Facebook!" The thought I'd offered was "What do you think of the new Press Secretary?" Maybe it was the opinion that she looks like Mark Zuckerberg in a red wig?

DARPA Lifelog/Facebook offers no net benefit to society or the individual. It's possible to live without it, but it may not be possible to walk away. You could at least try?
"Never trust an actor with a gun"
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