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Rebellion - '16 KMX Framekit Custom electric velomobile
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For the nacelle, I used a NACA0023 from the top-down view and a NACA2820 with 2 degrees camber cut off at 87% length from the side view, and then transposed them. The shell width is 620mm and shell length is 2,695mm. Because I used coroplast, I was not able to have rounded cross sections, and instead turned what should have been rounded cross sections into 6-sided cross sections. Once I get the wheel fairings, windshield, derailleur cover, and roof installed, I'll do some tuft testing to see where the turbulence are generated. I'd like to do a compound-curved variant of this design if it shows enough promise to compete with decent commercial velomobiles like the Quest or WAW, although I do realize that outboard wheels are going to pose a major hindrance to that.

It's possible a redesign might be in order that does away with the outboard wheels with the tradeoff for doing so being the accompanying increase of weight and frontal area.

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What limits regen?
Controller setting. I can change it to whatever I want. However, I chose 750W because it gives a very light braking effect that doesn't risk losing rear wheel traction in inclement weather. I typically get 6-12% regen on a set trip according to the Cycle Analyst computer.

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I can't sleep - so I'm awake messing with the picture of your velo.
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And one more :
Hell yeah! I'm probably going to paint the entire thing iron oxide, leaving no white showing. But you had the right idea for placement and style of the anarchy sign!

Another possible color scheme is silver and black with a 3D printed Baphomet hood ornament, with pentagram decals on the front wheels. I could call it "Satan Bike" and put in a sound system so I can ride around in it playing black metal.
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