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I'd like to do a compound-curved variant of this design if it shows enough promise to compete with decent commercial velomobiles...
May I suggest a different layout? Instead of tapered gores, use a geodesic layout. You can choose a level of quasi-compoundcurvedness, The trick is to use an octahedral instead of icosahedral base. This gives three axes you can orient to longitudinal and traverse, the vertical gets locked in.

For seams you can use triangles, diamonds or hexagons. Diamonds can be chained into strips. A hexagon will have one seam running from one corner to the center.

Cd: Consider the size of an F1 racer's cockpit. It's no larger. An open-wheel vehicle is safer in an offset frontal collision.

An I-can't-believe-i'm-seeing-this paint job reduces safety. A Baphomet hood ornament is begging.
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