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Anyone remember the movie iRobot? I was fascinated with the Audi ball drive system from the get-go. I am really interested with where they may be able to go with that type of system. The potential for LRR "balls" would be pretty good. I predict that due to costs, if a prototype vehicle were ever actually produced that it would have three wheels, simply due to the fact that it would require less technology in the form of the computer having to stabilize the vehicle. The maneuverability of a vehicle like that would be awesome! Parallel parking would be a breeze as well as accident avoidance would be much better, i.e. dodging animals/debris on the highway while still maintaining vehicular stability.

I also believe that vehicle drag could be reduced knowing that the "wheels wells" could be closed off completely. That coupled with the new design'd end up having a production vehicle very similar to that of the movie:

I am curious as to how suspension would be worked into the driveline equation though.

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