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I'm thinking about 3 trailer choices. First I have a 2000 gvwr 4'x8' 30 year old utility trailer from Home Depot. I want to build a box on it for camp cooking and gear hauling, maybe a small sleep area. Basically a teardrop, but I want it to be able to go offroad. So I was thinking about building that old trailer up with new Timbren suspension, bigger 15" tires (it has 12s now), then build a box with a rear hatch for cookware and a top rack for Kayaks.
The other choice would be to buy a new 5x8 enclosed cargo trailer and just use it pretty much as is, maybe add shocks. There are two trailers I'm looking at, a V-nose with a flat roof, and a more traditional rounded top, rounded front. The V nose is a little less expensive and has more interior room and easier to modify and insulate. I assume the rounded one is more aerodynamic but either would sit pretty well behind the tow vehicle maybe a foot higher. Although I may be able to fit kayaks inside then rather than on the roof.
Building up my existing trailer will actually cost similar to what a brand new 5x8 V-nose is. But the build would actually have a better suspension setup and I could probably even match the wheels and tires on the tow vehicle. The new trailer would be bigger which is good and bad. I definitely could make a sweet camper with 5Wx8Lx5H of space and could do it and get it on the road much faster than tearing down and building up the old. Also then could keep the old for hauling trash and compost a few times a year.
What would you do?
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