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Originally Posted by some_other_dave View Post
In some cars in the 30s-50s, the radiator was placed behind the motor but still in the engine bay. Most of the ones I can think of (some SAAB, some DKW, FIAT Topolino) used "thermo-siphon" cooling, relying on the warmer coolant to rise up out of the engine to the radiator, whose top was higher than the engine. The coolant would descend through the radiator as it cooled, and then keep descending into the engine, whose low point was lower than the radiator.
DKW cars used to be made in Brazil, and I have already seen many with this feature. There are some repowered with Volkswagen and Ford engines too, and even though a water pump is usually provided with the adaptation they still keep the radiator behind the engine sometimes.

I also know of a VW-Porsche 914 that was converted to Subaru 4-cylinder power which had the radiator wedged between the front of the engine and the firewall, which was just behind the passenger compartment. It supposedly worked OK.
The same approach was applied to the Renault 4CV and the Dauphine/Gordini. Not so sure about its suitability to anything with a higher performance...
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