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I have a serious answer....

After 17 cars ( two trucks)..there is a physic I caught onto. 30mpg is just right. 35-40 is very nice. Nice meaning there is times for 75 or even 80mph, and fast a car more than a ton in weight. I have only encountered two types that can: a diesel, and 3 main boxers. The rest is outright insanity.
Below 30mpg has an expansion error, injected or carbed. something gets excited. Warm days reveal it. Above 30mpg is like getting free fuel from warm days to cold- watch the guage. I have gone into the 50s mpg, and well, it is frightening for a gas engine and what I want to do, and the smallest vehicle i have ever owned is a 2wd loyale smaller than that for me. It could have everything to do with my build physically, not a giant, and not a midget, and insane weather patterns locally.

My favorite was the 2wd loyale- no matter what I did it was 38.9 mpg, barely wavering average. Crazy ECU from the 1980s I could guess narrowed its dynamics...and that means a chance for lean conditions. I got the lean odors more than once, another reason I am afraid of 40+ mpg in a 1ton or greater vehicle on 87 octane...unless its a downdraft with no ecu, ya know a carbed boxer
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