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Any suggestions for potential aerodynamic optimisations, are more than welcome! Let me know what you think of my plans thus far!
The wind noise might be ameliorated by replacing the weather stripping in the door windows. You could probe around with a stethoscope. A layer of Dynamat or similar on the floor wouldn't add much weight.

The overall shape is similar to the Geo Metro that is so popular here (I succumbed to peer pressure and got one myself. ) Look at the front apron and engine undertray. If you close that up you should see better crosswind performance and noise suppression. Consistent with engine cooling, of course.

All you need at the back is a separation edge/boxed cavity. Changing the angle (a Kammback extension), ....maybe. I'd be looking for rear fender skirts. Turnpike cruiser style to extend the separation edge..

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