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Originally Posted by Adam Mortimer View Post
I have adjusted pretty well. The engine is much happier to rev than I previously thought, and it can maintain pretty good motorway speed (normally about 65mph) without getting too noisy.
I grew up mostly around underpowered engines within the same displacement bracket. Do you remember the Opel Corsa assembled in South Africa from Brazilian CKD kits? While the smaller engine available in South Africa was the 1.4L one, in Brazil there was a 1.0L engine (not the same 3-cyl from its European counterpart though).

The bulk of the noise at high speeds actually comes from the wind and tyres. I don't think it helps that the body is relatively thin metal and probably lacks noise insulation
Is it so bothersome at all?

In the long term, I would like to swap in a 1.3l engine, which is a very easy thing to do, little to no modification required, and only requires finding a good unit. That will mean lower RPM's at highway speed and better overall economy and performance. But as I'm not really using any motorways at the moment and won't be until at least March... not high on my priority list!
Had them been fitted with idle shut-off, which was not so widespread back in the day, I'd go for the engine swap ASAP. Since it's not the case, keeping the 1.0L for a while may not be so much of a burden.

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