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Originally Posted by Adam Mortimer View Post
I never saw many Corsas in SA
Meanwhile in this side of the Atlantic, the Corsa seems to have taken over the role of the VW Beetle both in Brazil and Mexico.

the somewhat rural area where I lived was populated either by pickups, SUVs or ancient Japanese cars that could take a beating. Hatchbacks were relatively thin on the ground, which I certainly can't say about the UK!
Pick-ups and SUVs were never out of favor in Brazil, yet due to costs it's not so unusual to see hatchbacks being widely used even in rural areas, and nowadays both Fiat and Chevrolet keep a strong foothold while Volkswagen and Ford lost some ground. When it comes to Japanese old-school rides, until the '90s the Toyota J40 Land Cruiser was the only one available on a regular basis in Brazil, yet some older RWD Corollas were not unheard of in Uruguay.
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