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Your search engine of choice led you astray? First result at

Auto Body Design: Will. I. Am. Customized 1958 VW Beetle
In 2009, Will. I. Am brought the body of the old 1958 Beetle to Austin Weiss, owner of The Garage in Stuart, Florida. Originally, Will wanted a twin turbo Porsche flat six in the rear of the vehicle (the engine for the Beetle is located in the rear, which makes the customization flow naturally with the original design and body work of the car.
Scanning the other summaries, it looks like he dropped $900K into that hole, and he's a member of Black-Eyed Peas.

The TCM M1 is your typical five-half-bodies-on-a-plate form. Interesting cut-outs on the back of the front fenders.
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