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Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy View Post
Oooh, I love the CRX, it's like the grandfather of my car.

A couple guys at uni have CRXes, although one needs a TON of repairs and only gets 17-18 mpg even though it is the HF model. One guy has one in his yard on the way to church.

If I had the time/money I'd definitely be interested, but my fiance already told me I'm limited to getting only one more Insight after we get married.
As good as the HFs if I were your friend I would have been finding out why it is so far down . The high gas mileage is one of the reasons I love these cars. I never got more than 48 with a Prius. Now city driving with a Prius I did extremely well. However I rarely drive in the city. Plus they were my little go carts when I had to be in traffic . I could do things the big gas hogs could not do. I was going to restore them but I am going to head a different direction and do something bigger to help with reducing fuel consumption.

Originally Posted by Redted View Post
Interested if somehow can roll one over the boarder into ontario 🤣
If you figure it out I would be willing to bring it to the border for a fee but I am not interested in getting a passport and crossing out of the USA.
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