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Lightbulb Same Gas Station - Same Gas Pump - Better FE ???

I *think* I'm starting to see a trend!

If you look at BDC's Fuel Log - ...

My ride's FE has been VERY consistent (and good) since I starting using QT gas.

QT is an official 'Top Tier' gas retailer - same quality as Chevron/Texaco, Shell, etc.

Article: QuikTrip Guaranteed Gasoline approved as Top Tier Gasoline

I've been filling up at same time of night - same gas station - same pump, yada, yada.

There could be several factors as to the consistency of my mileage - not the least of which is: the same gas pump is metering the exact same way, every time I fill my tank, e.g. using different pumps, different stations, different gas, is messing with my FE!

So, what do you think?

You can't really argue with success, but I'm trying to figure out WHY this is happening.

Might be a good 'lesson' in this somewhere, no?

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