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Originally Posted by Stubby79 View Post
I would have to agree with this. Even if it's a series-wound motor - with no set top speed - it will still lighten the load. How much is going to depend on how much the air is slowing down going through the radiator and pressure differences...the only answer, as you are already intent on finding, is to test it.
Thanks. I think the only accurate way to test this will be to cut and temporarily extend one of the fan power wires into the cabin so I can get my amp clamp around it and monitor the amp draw at different speeds, then multiply by 2. Since I moved my battery to the trunk and I ran the positive cable behind the trim in the cabin my initial plan was to unplug the alternator and monitor total current draw from the battery at different speeds and work out the difference, but I decided that the fans need full, consistent alternator voltage for the test to be valid since their current draw will vary depending on the voltage supplied. I will report the results as soon as I have time to test it
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