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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
not worth it especially after having the $hit taxed out of you on the registration.

Given I only pay $200 a year on gas things like this are total BS
I feel you on this one. SIX--HUNDRED--FU****G--DOLLARS for registration, because yOu DoN't PaY gAs TaX wItH aN eLeCtRiC cAr.

I put almost 70,000 miles on my Yaris, and I guarantee you I didn't spend $600 in a 2-year period on gas tax in that, even when I was putting close to 20k miles on it a year.

The registration fees are criminal, especially since what is it, 95% of road damage I think? Is caused by SEMI trucks, NOT passenger cars. And I don't pay gas tax on my wife's car because it SITS IN THE DRIVEWAY FOR WEEKS AT A TIME as it is.

In my case, however, I didn't really care about the registration cost because

1) My dad needed a commuter car (their only other option was a 1990's Ford F-250 lawn ornament that needs ~$2,000 in repairs)
2) I moved and no longer needed to drive the distances I had before
3) I was ready for a new car after ~8 years

So I sold my car to my dad for $2,000. Oregon gave me a $2,500 credit for buying an EV for the first time (haven't seen THAT check yet...). So the $16,000 '17 Leaf SV with 29k miles and all options became an $11,500 '17 Leaf SV with 29k miles and all options.

And when you add never having to change and dispose of engine oil or go to a gas station to the mix, it becomes an incredibly attractive option.

I charge my car at home overnight, and it's ready to go the next day.

I've taken trips from Keizer OR to Gresham OR, plugged into my parents' outside wall socket while I did yard work for a few hours, and then have driven home. No fuss, and what, like $5 total in electricity to travel ~130 miles. You really can't beat that.
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