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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
I'll have a better look at the Volt.
A co-worker of mine showed me her's, and I came away unimpressed, but if the price is right, I may jump for one.
Volts are “usually “ quite reliable and there is now a modded/tuner/diy repair group to support fixing broken ones

Volt is great all around if you rarely drive outside it’s range but it’s certainly not a cavernous hatchback

Hmm in your range is
Smart Ed
Fiat 500e

If your expectations are very low a $2500 2012 leaf would be ok for a very short commute , I might even own one as a secondary town car if I could not pay registration fees or insurance

There is also “this thing” but you need to do your own repairs as well if your out of warranty . I have seen private party sales in the $6 area more fun, more reliable battery but less reliable other components

Ah well no perfect mouse trap
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