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Originally Posted by Isaac Zachary View Post
A couple thoughts.

One, the faster an electric motor spins the less electricity it consumes. So if it is turning on at highway speeds there is a very likely chance it will use less electricity than at a stop.

Another thought is that more airflow through the condenser could, in theory, help the compressor use less energy to compress the refrigerant. So now not only do you need to actually check and measure the power comsumption of the fan, it would be a good idea to measure the new power consumption of the compressor. Of course there are many factors that could play a part in the results.
That is a great point, I have thought about that as well. Poor airflow through the condenser definitely would decrease the system's efficiency and performance. I have no way to measure the compressor's power usage, but what I could do is set up a thermocouple to measure the temp of the liquid line with the fans on and off at different speeds. This would tell me at which speed running the fans no longer does any good. Measuring head pressure would do the same thing, but measuring temp would be easier in my case.
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