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I have a few ideas of how to automatically disable the fans at high speeds, but I would like to know what the power draw is at higher speeds before implementing such a system because I suspect that the draw may be less while driving at high speeds since the air being forced through the fans would theoretically reduce the load on the motor by helping turn it like a windmill, but I am not sure how much the draw would actually change.
No need to disable the fans.

If you want to know if your electric fan is running just do what I did. Connect a 12V LED running parallel to the ground wire coming from the fan. Ground the other end of the LED and place it in a area where you can see it on the dash or instrument panel. The LED (fan) will come on when the engine gets hot, the a/c is on, the defroster is on and possibly when the re-circulation button is pushed also.

The LED will also come on (dimly) when you're driving fast enough for the fan to free spin and generate enough power to light the diode.

Hope this helps.



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