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Originally Posted by octinum View Post
When under load and producing same power, the TSI would inject a little more fuel just to prevent preignition.
It might be more related to NOx mitigation, at the expense of the particulate matter emissions which now require them to resort to a particulate filter just like Diesels have been done for a while. Direct injection already mitigates preignition quite effectively even with a leaner AFR and higher compression ratio.

What is unknown (to me, and at the moment at least) is the extra injectors' ability to supply liquid fuel, in terms of both the amount of fuel they can supply and their reaction to a quickly evaporating fuel.
Sure it will depend on the extra injectors being designed specifically for LPG.

I don't know how they apply the liquid LPG injection with stock petrol injectors. It seems like a trial and error thing, which makes sense as all the liquid LPG aftermarket kits I know of are for specific models of cars.
Notice the liquid-phase injection through the stock injectors only applies to engines fitted with direct injection.
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