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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
Thanks guys !
So from what I am reading, even a 'perfect' battery will last 8 to 10 years - or 100,000 miles.
( Whichever comes first )

Here in Texas heat, that's 8 years or less.

So to own the car for 20 years with nothing more than driving a few miles a week to the grocery store and back, it would still cost me around 12 thousand dollars, to as much as $18,000 if I buy one used with a tired battery that already is dying.
Correct ?
The warranty is 8 years so if the battery failed (dropped below 75% capacity) before the car is 8 years old Nissan would have to replace it. EV batteries rarely just fail completely. They lose capacity slowly over time. The better you treat the battery the longer it lasts. If you are really just driving a few miles to the grocery store an EV battery should last you a VERY long time and is a perfect application for a 1st generation EV like the Leaf.

The Leaf has 3 levels off charging. All Leaf's have Level 1 and 2. Level 3 was an option.

Level 1
110V with a J1772 plug. 1.3 kW charge rate. The car comes with a 110V cord to charge from a standard outlet

Level 2
220V with a J1772 plug. (3.3 KW or 6.6 kW charge rate depending on year and trim) You would need to install a 220V Level 2 charger at home or use a public charger.

Level 3
Also called DC Fast Charging. Nissan uses a CHAdeMO plug that charge at a rate of 50 - 100 kW. This is optional.

Where you can charge will depend on the plug on the charger. There are plenty of place like PlugShare that will give you a map of different charging stations, the company that owns the charger, the type of plug they have, and the price to charge.

This is a good buyer's guide for the 1st generation Nissan Leaf with the major differences:

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