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Snax -- I went back a page but didn't find this, I thought I'd posted it around the Gamestop time: and the hype-machine

“I Pitti the fool who goes short on a sustainable future,” Mark Frohnmayer tweeted on a recent Sunday night.

The Arcimoto Inc. chief executive wasn’t tripped up by spell-check — he was referring to Alex Pitti, who had posted two articles critical of Arcimoto on, including one that questioned the company’s market capitalization when it topped $1 billion early this month.

Pitti insisted he’s not shorting the stock (Nasdaq: FUV), but the tweet was deft work by Frohnmayer, and not just for the pun.

In fewer than a dozen words he positioned Arcimoto as a target of short sellers, encouraging those who like the company to stick with it if the stock declines, while raising the possibility of a new squeeze play. And he wrapped the suggestive jab in a reminder that the three-wheeled electric vehicle maker is all about saving the world.
While Arcimoto “reserved the right to be opportunistic” with regard to leveraging its stock for capital, he added, it had another plan for its next stage of financing: the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program. The loan program, which aided Tesla in 2010, has been moribund for years, but Arcimoto has been talking seriously since last April about making a run at what would be low-cost, non-dilutive financing.
Originally Posted by redpoint5
Yeah, but FUV is still over-valued just like Tesla, but unlike Tesla, doesn't have any promising game-changing proprietary technology.
You do know about Scott Adams' process-over-product? What Arcimoto have is Mark Frohnmayer, Sandy Munro and Galileo Russell, plus a Federal tailwind.

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