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I still think the point of the trike design is to make it stable but avoid being a car. If it were a car it would have to be as expensive as anything else anybody is making EV. If it had 2 wheels it would just be an electric motorcycle which IMO has an even narrower following and plenty of other makers in the game already. So what will kill the Arcimoto if anything will be the government getting involved and moving 3 wheelers into car category. That may happen but I don't think it will unless there are a ton of them on the road getting in accidents and killing their occupants.

The other company doing this is Vanderhall. Their stuff is beautiful but their EV version is $35,000, and the gas $26-36k. That's a limited market I would say, but if Arcimoto can get it down to $15,000 or at least keep it where it is now, I think they can sell a bunch. Certainly use that 50,000 a year planned factory capacity.
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