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I think I lost you on the returns over 6 months. I personally wasn't trying to get any returns, I sold my Suburban for $3,300 cash, spent $300 right away on something, and just left the rest sitting in an envelope. Now had I put it in a stock there are a bunch that have done really well over the last 6 months, it just never was my thing. I thought we would spend some of it on Christmas but just didn't need to as I was working massive 60-75 hour weeks the last 6 months.

I don't think comparing something new with something used is really fair. And Archie isn't $20,000 but $17,500 hopefully going down not up. The marketing is really trying to push the fun side of the Arcimoto as well. I haven't driven one so I don't know, but it does seem at least a little more interesting to drive than a Leaf or one of the compliance EVs. How much is a new Leaf?

PS, I made $38 on my $1000 worth of FUV stock today so that almost matches that 4% on $3000 savings quoted above. I know, I could lose $100 on it tomorrow where the savings account is guaranteed.
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