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Last in first out:
Arcimoto is building its network of mobile service providers who can assist you when you need service or maintenance. The design of the FUV will make servicing a very straightforward process, and most replacement parts are off-the-shelf.

We’ve started to build our service network in initial cities, and will continue to expand as our production levels increase. Additionally, we have entered into a partnership with Road America to provide nationwide 24-hour roadside assistance to Arcimoto owners. More details will be provided as the service develops.
Tesla use Model Xs for field service vehicles. Arcimoto can have box vans that can swallow the Trike whole.

...but remembering is hard. What advantages...?
Remembering is easier once you have had one between your knees. It starts with wind in your hair but no bugs in your teeth, and goes on to trying to pick up chicks in a Leaf.

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