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It's all about Diesel
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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
A second drive unit at the rear of the battery box seems likely. 160hp, 4WD and steer.
Not sure if 4WD would be really needed, but it seems reasonable. Considering that some Japanese trucks, SUVs and vans used to be rated below 100hp, maybe a 160hp 4WD setup would be OK too. Match it with a small genset and it would be even better

This one was rated at 77hp when new with its naturally-aspirated 2.8L Diesel engine

This one had a 2.5L turbodiesel rated at 87hp and 4WD

IIRC this one has a 79hp naturally-aspirated 2.5L Diesel

Many of these were fitted with a naturally-aspirated 3.0L Diesel rated at 90hp, yet some had a turbocharged engine. IIRC some Euro-spec models had 2.4L Diesel engines rated even lower than JDM variants.

With all that witch-hunting against the ICEs in general, and even collectors converting some of their fleets into EVs, sounds quite like a promising opportunity for Arcimoto to provide repowering setups for cars resorting to the same tech applied to the tricycles.
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