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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post

A zigzag tape update: the strip I put on the A-pillar seems to have an effect! The rubber trim on the face of the front door windows started to pull away, leaving a 1/16" gap behind it. This would never do -- so I have sealed it up again with some more (wide) zigzag tape.

I have also put a strip of wide zigzag tape over the rubber at the top edge of the windshield -- there is a fairly deep groove there, and the initial results seem excellent. I raised my average (after ~1/2 a tank gone) by 1.6mpg in ~95 miles. A pretty big jump if you ask me.

I'm starting to see a real pattern with aero mods: improvements on the front surfaces of the car are about 5X more effective as those done on the trailing sides and rear.
Or, maybe you are learning to be come a better Hyper-Miler??

Okay Neil, come clean..
Are you starting to get where you hit 32 MPG, when you borrow a friend's Suburban??

Now, I've got to start looking at all those cracks and seams on the nose of my flying cinder block..

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