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I did a poor job explaining what I meant by staging. I was using the term in the sense tuning-houses use it: a suite of modifications at a price point (or in my own case budget-range), often in consideration of higher tiers/stages at escalating price points that could be done later. Or in product development, features you build out within a time frame.

Freebeard, that's what I mean. So for example, if I budget $5k (+/- $1k) with a project deadline of 6 months; I'd want to bundle the modifications that are coherent with one another. Meaning rather than try and maximize mpg for that price point, I would want to focus on a few modifications and execute them well. All project cars are continual works in progress, but a lot of folk are okay with a project car living in "permanent-beta" while others live for "the big build." I'm trying to describe something in between.

I'm a tinkerer at heart, but I already do leatherworking and woodworking - I just don't have time to be that hands on with my cars anymore. Coming from a project management background, I learned I really enjoy researching suppliers and collaborating with vendors (incl. designers/fabricators). So that's largely how I'll be approaching this build.

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