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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
It's going to come down to the vehicle and use case. And your abilities and work space.

There are modifications that play well together. One example would be the synergy between the air dam in front and spoiler in the rear.
Right. In my case, with this van having a large frontal area, reducing drag needs to be the priority.

That being said, in my use case, it'll serve as a weekend-camper that I'll schlepp along with me when I do travel nursing. That means, I can't necessarily control where I'll be parking this van for extended periods. So while I don't need things to look 'factory', I'm not making a sleeper, I do want it to look somewhat stealth: certain modifications can be obvious, but I don't want them to be too remarkable/memorable to most people.

Another consideration/constraining-factor is concern about cross winds, since it's even more of a brick in profile and its ride-height/COG is pretty high. So while reducing drag is a priority, I want to focus on modifications that don't make this too much worse. I plan to mount things under the body, probably insulated tanks for both fresh- and grey-water storage. So until I understand what's going under the vehicle, I suspect an air dam is a good modification to do, rather than trying to clean up the underbody aero. When it comes to something like side skirts, I have zero idea how that plays out.

Honestly, the framework that comes to my mind in the "MoSCoW" prioritization scheme for product development. It looks like if I clarify my "Musts" "Should/Could's" and "Wants" from a use case perspective, I'll gain clarity on the practice constraints that'll help me focus on which modifications are most feasible.

I guess that makes a lot of sense; like I said, I'm trying to identify a basket of mods at a budget that work well together or are at least not completely undone by/incompatible with a later 'stage' of modifications.

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