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Originally Posted by Ford Man View Post
I think it's just normal to get the high's and low's along the way because of weather, traffic, and all the other variables. I always top off the tank and even doing that get some pretty large variations.
Thats usually how mine are, since many tanks are similar conditions but rarely are 2 adjacent tanks similar conditions. The only time I consider the average of adjacent tanks is when I get a bad fill (like when shutoffs are broken on pumps and it overfills). Then Ill consider what I lost in mileage with my apparent gain on the next tank. I do try to fill each tank as consistently as possible, filling at about .1gal/sec and then going to the 2nd kickoff.

I check every tank against the guino. From my initial settings based on the injector flow rate, it reads about 4% high +/- 4% on fuel use, which is still pretty dang close. It could be due to fill variations (and pump calibration). It could also be because of the fuel filter I need to put in once the weather shapes up. Im not changing any guino settings till the new filter is in for a few tanks. However one thing I like about the current setting is that I know Im at least getting what the guino says, Im never disappointed when I calculate the actual fuel use.

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