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The Recaros would drop 60lbs which is really substantial, the issue is the shape doesn't really seem to fit the rest of the interior style, and losing the side airbags isn't great. I could go buy Recaro shells and then have an upholstery shop make leather covers for probably 3-4k all in vs. 11k for the OEM pieces (yea...). My acrylic paint touchup made the leather look almost just like new, and the foam in the seats is still mostly intact, so I'll probably never be able to justify replacing seats.

I drove it to get gas at Costco and then took a short fun spin around town...based on the needle movement, I'm pretty sure I went through over 1 gallon of gas in around 16 miles (still haven't figured out how to set the trip meter lol).

I was driving pretty efficiently and slowly but the oil temp hit 100C very quickly (measured with an IR thermometer pointed into the oil tank, as the car doesn't have a sensor :/), so that 10W-60 is creating some SERIOUS friction.

The power steering was actually only barely warm. The original factory fill was a Texaco Cold Climate low viscosity fluid that's already thinner than most PS and ATFs on the market, but I'm putting in the updated even thinner fluid.

Avoiding idling should help a decent amount, though replacing the starter motor is extremely time consuming so cycling too much is probably not smart. This engine burns about 1.7 liters per hour (that's 0.44 gph) idling, which is fairly bad but relatively low for a V8 lol. I think for the custom tune I'm trying to figure out, dropping the idle from 750rpm to 680rpm like a more normal car would quench its thirst a touch.

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