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2006 Prius with bad cat near Phoenix for $1,500

There is already a $1,500 - $7,000 thread!

Besides, hopefully you could negotiate down at least $88!

This silver Prius looks good from the pictures they posted, although it has 275,000 miles. They don't say that the CC was stolen, just that they have a code for a bad cat.

Those shouldn't affect drivability when they go bad, unless they are plugged, so that is my best guess. People talk about chunks breaking loose, but if it is just clogged, maybe it could be acid-washed, but the aftermarket one wouldn't fit in a pot, what about a 10-foot system?!

Would the resonator be harmed by piping hot acid through it?

I understand that you could use old dishwasher parts!

This is an aftermarket one:

The cat is part of one welded unit that extends up to the engine bay.

Somehow this one is only $109! It says that it is made in Canada and "Not Legal for Use in California & New York, USA."

Weird how that seems to be missing a dozen places.

It also has a one-year warranty, while the Federal government requires 30 months.

Someone posted a video where he installed an exhaust system after his cat was stolen.

He bought it from someone parting out his Prius.

When I search Facebook Marketplace for "Prius part" within 10 miles I see 12 posts without scrolling--in Mesa, Phoenix, Tucson, New Mexico, and Texas.

None of those are within 10 miles or 100!

One specifies "No catalytic converter" in the title and six in the ad. If you do a basic search there is a Notify Me button. I set a notification for a Civic HX, but when I started searching for Insights it just shows Hondas. When I specified 2000-2006 the Notify Me button went away, and only one Insight showed up, from over a month ago, with an autotragic, which is bad, and they already sold the cat.

As for this Prius:

2006 Prius hybrid for $1,500.

The hybrid battery and 12 volt battery are both good.

Good tires

The car drives, but poorly. The light code says it's the catalytic converter.

Until recently, it was a daily driver. We bought another hybrid.

A shop said that if an aftermarket works, it will fail at some point, definitely sooner than an expensive stock one would. They asked if the warranty is good enough for you.
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