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Okay not much mpg progress, been working hard at touching up the bigger paint chips on the front.

Did a little more research, apparently the PS was filled with normal ATF from the factory, so switching should actually drop the viscosity by almost 50%! AFAIK, this could actually be a measurable improvement if it can drop the PS pump power from e.g. 500W to 300W.

Still debating whether I want to go thinner than 5W-50 on the motor oil...With very few miles of gentle street driving, I feel like a 0W-40 would not shear below the minimum viscosity, and the factory used 0W-40 for break in. The viscosity drop would reduce friction probably 10%. However, NAPA has 5W-50 for dirt cheap so I might just go all 5W-50.

I've been contemplating the grill block more. It seems like the radiator fan is very eager to turn on (the engine is large after all), so it's probably best to be conservative and have something easily removable that only blocks a small portion, like a piece of tape (easiest), or a bit of foam behind the grill (more streamlined, slightly more work to attach).
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