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Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
PS- and a last tidbit... why does the government want to make such a big deal out of a fuel that you have to use more of in order to get where you are going? Using more of it simply means more waste of energy in the first place.
The increase in fuel consumed (ethanol) is irrelevant because these studies are conducted on a energy balance method. It is generally accepted that corn ethanol has a balance of roughly 1.3:1. I dont know the value off the top of my head but if ethanol has 20% less energy than gasoline then you would have 25% (1/.8=1.25) more volume of fuel to have the same energy. So we get 25% more liters of ethanol than we would get if corn could be turned to gasoline instead, under the exact same processing conditions returning 1.3:1.
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