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I agree that the corn market was preexisting, although numbers that I hear about suggest that the surplus was not as great as they wish to let on. Practical experience heh, well corn and other grain alcohols have been around for decades for sure. It just seems to me that with all the development and research already in place that the cellulose ethanol extraction should be getting more attention instead of crop ethanol. Mind please that this is my perspective, and wont fit with many folks ideas.
As far as the carbon footprint issue perhaps you might want to relook at what equipment is used to farm the corn/grass/sileage that goes into ethanol. To me, a corn crop that needs to have a round of pesticide, and a round of herbacide (both needing a pass with the tractor or in some cases a plane) is not as good as sawgrass, which does not need the passes of herbacide or pestacide. I do hope that something is developed which can replace the fossil fuel. Until then, I look forward to hybrids, and the development of diesel-hybrid technology.
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