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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
It is at that questionable dealership. It looks good. As I understand it, I show up when they open, show enough cash to make the purchase, ask how much it would be out the door, and take it for a test drive. I would plug in my OBD-II reader, test-drive it to the nearest shop that can look at it, see if it is worth buying, and if I go through with it, Go directly to Hatch Toyota, do not pass go, do not collect $200. If the Toyota technicians find dealbreakers I try to get my money back.

How much do you guys think the dealership fees would be? What problems do you think the dealership may be trying to hide?

The private-party blue book value in good condition is $3,582, so in theory I could have $1,887 in dealership fees and come out ahead. says the sales tax in that ZIP is 9.43%, so tax would be at least $159.84.

Their site says they are out of the office until Thursday. Apparently they don't have the staff to stay open and pick up new inventory.

Their site says no hidden fees and no-haggle pricing. I would expect to pay $1900 + tax and registration fee.

The biggest risk on a 15 year old Prius with more than 200K miles is the hybrid battery.

It also looks like it has been hit from behind from the gaps between the bumper cover and body.
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