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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
What's that behind the rear axle, the gas tank?

I've got an album on the 1935 SIA competition that it was created for.
The battery looks to be in front of the engine, and the "reservoir" could be gasoline, but could also be for "oil" if it's a two-stroke. If true, then where is the gas tank, up front?


réservoir d'essence does translate to Fuel Tank.

I am unable to decipher what #5 is, tried battery and Electrical.

condensateur is capacitor, and there is an Ecomodder thread on using capacitors (small/light weight) in lieu of traditional battery.

More from Freebeard's Album:

Giorgetto Giugiaro, founder of the Turin design house Italdesign and, as of this writing, 80 years old, could safely be called one of the most successful and prolific auto designers of all time. Giugiaro was impressed and intrigued enough with Le Corbusier’s Voiture Minimum that in 1987 he commissioned a full-scale studio model. After more than half a century of existence only on paper, Le Corbusier’s dream car had finally taken solid, three-dimensional form.

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