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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
And there's the whole problem: the automatic assumption that because a car is small & fuel efficient, it's therefore one of those despised "econoboxes".
I think I've been misinterpreted. I love little cars. The fit maneuvers like a wicked comfy go kart. I love my econobox. That car is tight and well built. Like any category you can have a fine econobox or a crappy one.

I agree with clev that a 2500 lb car should be LESS than a 5000 lb car but certainly not 50% less. The market doesn't work that way. By the way the fit can hold 90 cu/ft of stuff and can substitute, quite often, for SUVs and minivans. It's rated for 5 people but in my opinion one of them better have an eating disorder. It can hold 4 VERY large people in comfort however.
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