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Originally Posted by Autobahnschleicher View Post
Are you sure you have looked at the right car?
My car has no C-pillars, it's a convertible wich only kind of has B pillars and no spoiler.
Could you maybe have confused it with the MR2 MK-2?

Anyway, getting the flow to stick would siglificantly reduce the size of the low pressure area behind the car, wasting less energy in the wake.
Alternatively I would need to fabricate a kammback-extension over the engine bay to reduce the angle.
Please forgive the steady stupidity.
Your removeable hardtop obviously has no C-Pillars at all, and only the appearance of B-Pillars, since there's no actual structure under the roof.
So, correcting for my blindness, Toyota seems to have paid attention to the faux- B-Pillar area, allowing the air to flow around the sides of the roof and vector inwards, at least limiting the wake behind the roof at those locations. A good thing.
If the flow reattaches onto the boot, you'll have a separation bubble which travels with the car, and it's low pressure will be isolated from the actual wake behind the car.
A Kamm- back would sure help with pressure recovery and higher base pressure, cutting drag. As long as it didn't interfere with mid-engine operation (I'm unsure what the 'grille' openings are for on the rear decklid ).
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