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Originally Posted by GearHead View Post
I didn't really know a lot about [hybrids] at the time and always associated them with the not so attractive looking Prius.
That sounds like a Prius!
Originally Posted by GearHead View Post
This was all before I found a hybrid I thought was my style of car and a fun one to drive!
That doesn't sound like a Prius!

I once found a forum post by a guy that wanted to trade in his Civic Hybrid because it didn't look like a hybrid.

My Civic was reliable and fun to drive until I blew the head gasket. My Accord has been reliable, pretty fun to drive, and more of a family car, but I am going to look at Prius tomorrow when a dealership in the next town opens. I drove out today just to make sure that it was there while I was running errands. Prii seem like great and wonderful cars, just boring. It is just weird. If I am able to get one for a good price and it is reliable, it will be fuel-efficient, like my Civic, but seat 4-5 comfortably, like my Accord, while being as long as my Civic.

It will be everything that my two cars are, except fun.
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