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I didn't like it.

I haven't driven a Prius worth more than $1,700, so I don't know how the transmission is supposed to feel, but it felt like it was always too low--on level ground.

I also didn't like how many functions are controlled through the screen.

It is weird how the speedometer is just below the windshield, but I need to look at the information system to control many things.

The information system that often goes out, like the transmission, and hybrid battery--at least based on the Prii that I see for sale.

I never saw the battery health. Does one of those magic buttons show all of the hybrid information?

One of the employees does come along on the test drive. I don't know why I thought otherwise, but I couldn't take it to a mechanic, not that anyone was available nearby.

Hatch said they couldn't tell me about this car in particular, but they sell all of the trade-ins with insufficient profit margin to smaller dealerships--or the junkyard.

The guy selling the Prius said about as much, but he said they bought packages from local dealerships.

I wanted to buy a 2003 Civic they had for $400. Making a car run and drive is always exciting, but I already have a Civic needing that, and I know what is wrong.
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