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I bought my 2006 Prius for $300.

But it a bit more damage and was starting to show signs of HV battery problems.

IF that 2006 hasn't had the battery replaced ever it will need one soon. You may get a couple more years out of the battery if it's original, but that's probably it. Same if it's a "refurbished" battery or off-brand battery. Unless there are receipts proving the battery is a new Toyota battery, consider it pretty much on it's last leg because of the years of the car. Also, the less it's driven the harder it can be on the battery, so don't consider low miles as a good indication.

To see if it has HV battery problems now test drive it a couple times (drive a few miles, restart and drive a few miles). The red triangle of death should appear. Or at least you should hear the battery fan turn on while driving slowly or stopped. If you can hear it the battery is bad. If not you got a few months or years left.
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